Arlene Mejorado

Arlene Mejorado is a the daughter of immigrants, a nepantera, and passionate observer. She is a photographer and videographer specializing in creative documentary projects and visual storymaking.  Based in San Antonio and raised in Los Angeles, Mejorado's ancestral background and social upbringing drives her investigation in themes of migration, cultural hybridity, gender-queerness, and racial and ethnic identity. Through the mediums of photography and film, she experiment with new and traditional methods of visual storytelling to illustrate layered experiences in diasporic communities. 

Mejorado received a degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. She co-founded Mujeres en Medio, a  platform for women-of-color-based media and is the editor of Optica, a women's photography magazine. She has worked on special digital archival projects at the Human Rights Documentation InitiativeEl Museo de la Palabra y la ImagenSelf Help Graphics & Art, and San Anto Cultural Arts. Her documentary film was featured in Germany's 2015 Filminitiativ festival within the African Diaspora category. In 2016, Lady Base Gallery curated Mejorado's first solo exhibit "Califas Lens, San Anto Heart: Outside Looking In" and was awarded "best exhibition" by FotoSeptiembre. Mejorado is the co-recipient of the National Association of Latin Arts & Culture Master Artist Grant for 2017



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