b. 1986, HK.

   Image by Rebel Mariposa.

 Image by Rebel Mariposa.

Arlene Mejorado is an artist and photographer making experimental documentary work. Raised in Los Angeles, she is the daughter of migrants, brown, queer, multi-ethnic, and aspirant of beauty and truth. She graduated from University of Texas at Austin in Latin American studies and her photography has been published in the LA Weekly, LA Times, Buzzfeed, NPR, Remezcla, Contemporary Arts Review, The Current, La Liga, and Girls Like Us.

In 2016 Mejorado presented her first solo photo exhibit curated by Lady Base Gallery for Fotoseptiembre in San Antonio. In 2017 she was awarded the Luminaria public arts grant and was the co-recipient of the NALAC Mentorship grant. Mejorado has participated in group shows at Centro de Artes and Galeria Guadalupe in San Antonio, MexicArte Museum and the Benson Latin American Collection Library in Austin, and the Charlie James Gallery in Los Angeles. 

In the advent of the 2017 International Women’s March and the presidential inauguration, Mejorado collaborated on the the We the People art campaign with Amplifier Art and Obey Giant which led to creation of Defend Dignity based on one of her photographs. 

She co-published her first photography book, Femme Frontera with Adriana Monsalve which explores women, femme, queer, and transgender experiences on the U.S.-Mexico borderlands through documentary photography, poetry and illustration. Femme Frontera was one of 80 international books selected for the 2018 Photobook Biennial in Cork, Ireland and is now available at the LACMA store and the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.

Mejorado is critical and reflective of the process of documentation, as projects often interweave layered experiences in migration, diasporas, cultural hybridity, gender-queerness, and identity. Ultimately, she believes her work is collaborative and honors a process of relationship-building, experimentation, and expression. 


Obey Giant
Amplifier Foundation
La Liga Zine
Contemporary Art Review LA
Girls Like Us
Hecho Con Ganas

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