b. 1986, HK.

Image by Rebel Mariposa.

Image by Rebel Mariposa.

Arlene Mejorado is a photographer and artist based in Los Angeles, California and the U.S./Mexico border. She is currently a Magnum Foundation Photography and Social Justice fellow, a teaching artist at Las Fotos Project, and a member of Women Photograph. Mejorado has worked on assignment for The California Sunday Magazine, The Intercept, Buzzfeed News, The LAnd, and Remezcla. Her photography can be seen in Vice, LA Weekly, Los Angeles Times, and NPR. 

In 2017, Mejorado co-created 'Defend Dignity' with artist Shepard Fairey based on one of her photographs for the We The People Campaign. In 2018, she was named one of 30 outstanding photographers for the Authority Collective’s LIT List. She co-published her first book Femme Frontera which received the 2018 Independent Photo Book award by the Lucie Foundation. As the daughter of migrants and a queer woman of color, she is inspired to build new visual narratives around migration, diaspora, gender, and culture with an emphasis on collaboration and experimentation.