La Pulga

La Pulga

San Antonio, Texas

La Pulga is photo series that centers working class Latina/o communities of San Antonio, Texas through various portraits and environmental photographs. Pulgas, flea markets, mercados, tangius, and swap meets are safe spaces for migrant families, centers of work and commerce, and cultural hubs. La pulga is a place of convergence — socially and culturally as people, the salt of the Earth, engagement, perform, and cultivate community. These photographs reflect people that shape the historical foundation of San Antonio: in the plugas that exist on the edges of the city.

The process: I rented a unit for $35 at the Poteet Flea Mart in the Southside of San Antonio and set up a studio to make portraits of people that visit and work at the pulga. Above is a contact sheet of portraits. For 3 months, I photographed the Poteet Flea Mart every Sunday focusing on the dance floor, performances, vendors, custodians, visiting families, and others. My images were later exhibited in a show curated by Lady Base Gallery at R Space in San Antonio, Texas. In an effort to include the surrounding community that might not visit the exhibit, I also made a wheat paste installation visible to the public in the neighborhood.


La Pulga: A Photo Essay