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Óptica • zine


óptica - A Spanish word for a part of physics that studies the laws and phenomenona of light. óptica is relative to vision.

Óptica is a print magazine founded in 2016 designed to honor women, femme, and non-binary photographers creating documentary, experimental and conceptual photo-based work. Each contributor offers a distinct vantage point, a rich perspective, and a lens that redefines a lane that has historically been defined by a white patriarchal gaze .

By printing beautiful zines, Óptica offers a closer experience to images and stories through pages of color, weight, and texture while offering the opportunity for photographers to be to have their work printed through an accessible publication. Óptica helps to shape a community of passionate image-makers, redefining photography in its purpose and trajectory.


Cover and inside page of Óptica no. 2, published July 2018.